»Reach more than 80% of IT, Consumer Electronics and Mobile Technologies audience in Slovenia!«

Publish Press Releases, News Stories, Success Stories, Invitations, Presentations…in multi-media network!

Multichannel media

Multi-channel PR network

In Press Release distribution there is always a question how many publications do we really get. Some editors favour well-known brands and the other prefer technology achievements and novelties.

For that reason we have prepared a solution that gives you the chance to publish also messages independently from editorial policy.

Our network of media is distributed through different channels and highly targeted to IT, Communications, Mobile Technology and Consumer electronics audience, designed to maximize the impact of your messages.


About Slovenia

Slovenia is a Central European country with strong economy and a stable democracy. Strong historical ties to »Old« Europe have assisted in Slovenia’s transformation to a modern state. Slovenia acceded to both NATO and the EU in the spring of 2004 and joined the Eurozone in 2007.

  • GDP (per capita): $29,100 (2011 est.).
  • Composition by sector – agriculture: 2.4%; industry: 31.4%; services: 66.2%.
  • Currency: EURO (since 2007).
  • Average monthly income for March 2012 – Gross: 1.535,11 EUR  Net: 995,20 EUR.
  • Internet Users – 1.3 million (73% of population between 10 and 74 years old).
  • Broadband subscribers 169,950 – 64,7% of households.
  • Well-developed telecommunications infrastructure. Combined fixed-line and mobile-cellular teledensity roughly 150 telephones per 100 persons.
  • Mobile telephone subscribers – 1,759,232 ( 2.122.000 total units – 105% penetration). Smartphone use – 27,6%.
  • A newspaper’s circulation (the number of copies distributed on an average day) – 335,000.
  • Households with a television set. – 96 %.
  • Total Facebook Users: 692.320 (Penetration of population: 34.56%; Penetration of online population 53.32%).


Package choices

The value of the services if you order from our price list would be 1.070€ for Advanced package and 1.690€ for Premium package, but if you order a package you can get all these for much lower prices. The price for Advanced package is 530€ and 840€ for Premium package.


  • Targeted audience: IT, Personal Computing, Consumer Electronics and Mobile Technologies.
  • Cover more than 80% of target audience.
  • Multi-channel: Print, Web, Mobile, RSS syndication, e-Newsletter, Social networks, Radio and iPAD version of the magazine.
  • Best price/performance – value for your money.
  • We provide you with all the help you need in the process.

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Nevtron & Company: Biggest industry niche publisher in Slovenia!

Publishing house Nevtron & Company is present on Slovenian media market with its brand Racunalniske novice (Computer news) for 17 years. Since then the company has grown from print to publisher of multi-channel media group that covers Print, Internet, Mobile, Radio, Display and Social media.
Media under Racunalniske novice brand cover topics from ICT, Mobile Technologies to Consumer Electronics. Together, they cover more than 80% of media consumers that are interested in technology.


Nevtron & Company Media Group:

  • Racunalniske novice Magazine: bi-weekly printed magazine with 33,000 readers.
  • Racunalniske novice Web portal: 360,000 website visitors and 160,000 unique visitors (27% of Internet users in Slovenia) monthly.
  • Mobile portal – m.rn.si: more than 287.000 visitors in first 5 months this year.
  • RSS Syndication: over 325 websites use Racunalniske novice RSS service.
  • E-mailing: more than 100,000 weekly subscribers of e-Magazine.
  • iPad version of the magazine.
  • Social networks: more than 56,000 fans on Facebook (Top 10 in Slovenia), and coverage of other social networks (Google+, Twitter, Hi5, Netlog, MySpace).
  • Radio:  possibility of broadcasting your news in the Racunalniske novice radio show, which is broadcasted by 18 radio stations in Slovenia, with 959,000 listeners (50% of population).
  • Public LCD displays: possibility of your news announcement in the biggest public display network in Slovenia.

Racunalniske Novice Magazine

The printed bi-weekly magazine Racunalniske novice has 17 years of tradition and is one of the most influential media in an ICT, consumer electronics and mobile technologies segment.
Besides regular issues every second week, we publish several special issues dedicated to major industry events or special topics like Digital photography and Mobile phones. Contact us for the latest schedule.

Our readers

Distribution chart

Readers by Age

Readers by Education

Readers by Sex

Racunalniske-novice.com: Leading ICT Web Media in Slovenia.

Internet portal www.racunalniske-novice.com is dedicated to promptly bringing the latest industry news and trends. Your messages will reach 360.000 visitors every month. More than 70% of visitors are frequently returning.

According to alexa-si.com portal ranking, www.racunalniske-novice.com is a leading web media that brings ICT, consumer electronics and mobile technology topics in Slovenia. Currently occupies 66th position while the main competitors are ranked 274 and 632.

Alexa Page Rank Comparison

Comparison with the main competitors, according to Traffic Rank.

Besides up-to-date industry news and lively forum, visitors can daily benefit from the special offers from our partners and participate in auctions.

RSS Syndication

Through our RSS service »News on your site« we offer other web publishers to publish our news also on their portals. Currently there are more than 325 different websites, including several big Slovenian companies that use our service.

Price hunter RSS

News from www.racunalniske-novice.com is syndicated to more than 325 other websites.

Mobile portal m.rn.si

Last year mobile portal Racunalniske novice has visited about 57,000 unique visitors. In the first five months of 2012, already more than 99,000 unique visitors has visited our mobile portal. Which represents 134% increase in unique visitors and 152% increase in total visitors. Total number of visitors in 2012 (January – May) is 287,875.

Specially optimized portal for mobile phones: m.rn.si

Specially optimized portal for mobile phones: m.rn.si

LCD Display

We offer you the possibility of publishing your news in one of the biggest public Display Network in Slovenia. Please contact us for more details.

iPAD version of RN

Each issue of our printed version of Racunalniske novice magazine is specially prepared also for iPAD users. We are proud to be the first Slovenian magazine that is preparing iPAD and iPhone version, available for our readers in Apple store.

Weekly E-Newsletter

Newsletter brings selection of major news from the portal and information on upcoming events and education programs. E-edition of our magazine has more than 100.000 subscribers. The readers had adopted the Newsletter as an important source of information which resulted in a very fast subscription growth rate.

Subscription growth of E-version of the magazine.

registred users

The subscription to E-Newsletter has doubled in last two years.

Racunalniske novice on Facebook

Through our Facebook page you can communicate with more than 57.000 fans. It is an ideal tool to increase your fan base and recognisability of your product or service. Your news will be published on our Facebook page where more than 57.000 fans will be invited to comment on your story.

Racunalnikse novice Facebook page.

Video Case Study

For your existing video material that you would like to use also in Slovenian market, we can offer you quality support for localization.If you decide to prepare Video Case Study with your local partners or clients, we offer you support in production as well. Preparation of 60 second video presentation includes recording session (30km distance from Ljubljana), editing, graphic processing, title and end credits and narration.Video will be published for a week on RN Homepage, after that it will be still available for one year in our archive. The client receives a copy on a DVD.


When you organize a commercial presentation the audience is always a problem. But not with us. We will invite your quality audience through our channels. Our experience is that approximately 100 people attend webinars organized by us. And many more sees the recording afterwards.Webinar is internet based presentation where audience participates from their homes. Attendants are allowed to actively participate in discussion, they can ask questions, comment…

The offer includes:

• 30 to 60 minutes presentation

• 15 minutes for Q&A

• Infrastructure and moderation

• Booking form and static webinar presentation page preparation

• Webinar recording available on our web page

In very short time more than 400.000 people will know about your webinar. Besides publication of PR article in printed magazine you will get also:

  • Exposed PR article on Racunalniske novice web portal (360.000 monthly visitors)
  • Invitation on Facebook page Racunalniske novice (cca. 56.000 fans)
  • Announcement in E-Newsletter Racunalniske novice (100.000 subscribers)


On average our webinars has about 100 attendees.

Radio Network and Podcasts

The Racunalniske novice editorial team is preparing also a radio show on ICT, Consumer electronics and Mobile technology topics. The show is broadcasted once a week on 18 radio stations that together cover more than 90% of total radio listeners in Slovenia. We offer you the possibility to include your news in a show and/or prepare a Podcast recording of the show.

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